Personal Care

Eastwood Dementia Project

Personal Care is the utmost importance within our day care centre and we provide a range of services to make sure our clients are looked after as best as possible. Below we look at some of our services in some more detail.

Many of our clients require assistance in showering, hair care and nail hygiene. Showering is private, one-to-one, and clients fully engage in the process by choosing the products they prefer to use, i.e. shower gels, shampoos, etc. During the shower they will be encouraged to take an active part in this very personal process to promote a sense of security and to ensure dignity is respected at all times.

If, for whatever reason a client refuses to have a shower and regardless of how much the service may be required we will not force clients against their will. However, we will contact the named Carer or the person’s Social Worker, Community Psychiatric Nurse, to alert them of our concerns and seek alternative solutions.

When showers are pre-arranged the client will bring a fresh change of clothing and their used clothes will be laundered and returned home with them the same day. For clients who do not have anyone who can arrange fresh clothes for them or they require to be changed, we will provide them with clothing from our clean supply.

When clients live alone or the carer is not in good health we will bring the client’s weekly laundry and bedding to the centre for cleaning, it should be noted that laundry is cleaned at the clients own risk. (There is no additional charge for this service)

Clients having their hair washed are asked how they would like it styled, i.e. blow dried, tonged, curlers, etc. every effort is taken to ensure the clients preferred style is maintained.

Although our staff are not trained hairdressers, we do have a local hairdresser who calls at the centre on a Tuesday, Thursday & Friday if requested to cut clients hair professionally. There is a charge for this service.

Service Users are encouraged to have a relaxing hand massage with their nails cleaned, filed and polish. Over and above the basic hygiene benefits this activity is a very pleasant experience for clients and clients refer to this as “pamper sessions”. This activity is always enjoyed because of one-to-one conversations mixed with the non-threatening physical attention. (There is no additional charge for this service)

Many of our clients live alone and we are aware that their diet is often lacking in the essential nutrients, adequate fluid intake and variety. We will seek to address this when the person attends the centre by ensuring their food contains their “five a day” requirement and they are receiving adequate fluids throughout the day. This is essential as inadequate fluid intake can lead to painful UTI’s.

Our client daily register lists clients who have special diets, diabetic, food allergies or intolerance’s, dislikes, plate guards, adapted cutlery, soft options or if the client requires assistance to eat. Day Care Staff are trained in food hygiene.

Clients choose from a large selection of games, i.e., dominoes, cards, scrabble, musical bingo, reminiscing, etc. Groups participating vary from large to small depending on those wishing to take part. All are given a choice of their preferred game or pastime, if any, but no one is ever forced to take part against their will.

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