Day Services

Eastwood Dementia Project

Many people are unaware of what a day service provides people living with dementia as they may be unable to remember how their day has gone in any detail. It is also not unusual for people to believe that “day services are only to give respite to carers”. As much as it is important for us to be able to give time to carers to address their own needs and to know that their loved one is in good hands, our day centre is mainly for the benefit of the person with dementia.

We provide a programme of purposeful and meaningful activities to for our clients to enjoy while attending our centre and we provide any personal care needs when required.

Every one of our clients who attend our day center is allocated with one of our friendly key workers who will write their personal care plan and who will oversee the persons needs and requirements. The clients key worker will liaise with all other people involved in the persons care package to ensure the client has a fulfilling and sympathetic experience. The Key Worker is also the point of contact for anyone with concerns and will advise the Carer of services they feel are relevant to the clients need. Review dates are also put in place where the key worker will discuss any developments with the client, the carer and any other agencies involved to identify any new needs.

“I come here two days a week and I love it here, the staff are very good”

“I don’t eat much at home but I have a dinner here, the food is lovely”